What Is Gauge?

Gauge seems to be a topic that not a lot of crocheters, especially beginners, know about. I know that when I first started crocheting I would see the gauge section of patterns and not know what it was. Now that I do, it’s a game-changer. Gauge is more important for projects like blankets and clothing instead of amigurumi.

Now let’s get to the topic at hand; what is gauge? Gauge means the number of stitches per inch you get when using a specific type of yarn and hook size. Naturally, some crocheters crochet tightly and some crochet loosely and some right in the middle. This is why patterns will recommend that you make a swatch of so many stitches and rows to measure to make sure you have the right gauge for the project. For example, a pattern may tell you to make a swatch of ten double crochets for five rows and then measure it. This is done to make sure your project will be the same size as the one in the pattern and to make sure you use the correct amount of yarn. If your measurements are too big or too small, the pattern will recommend you either go up or down a hook size.

Gauge is important if you want your product to be exactly like the pattern but some crocheters don’t pay attention to it. If you are worried about your project coming out exactly like the pattern you’re working on I recommend you take the time to make the recommended swatch and measure it.

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