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Ravelry: Caron Anniversary Cakes

I went into Michaels one day for some yarn for a project I was working on when I came across a Caron Anniversary Cake. I fell in love with it! As a yarn addict, I had to have it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t purchase the skeins myself at that exact moment; a few months later, my boyfriend bought me some for Christmas. I was so excited. I knew I wanted to make a blanket, so I used the corner-to-corner pattern designed for these skeins from the website Yarnspirations (which I highly recommend). This blanket was my first time using the corner-to-corner technique and I enjoyed it! I will talk about corner-to-corner in a later post since we’re here to talk about the yarn and not the pattern.

Naturally, as a yarn lover, I fell in love with the size of these skeins. They’re huge! Just as a reference, the blanket I made, shown in the picture above, only took two skeins of this yarn. That’s crazy! Aside from their size, they’re so soft and have a nice weight to them. They’re heavier, but not too heavy. This blanket was my first time working with a Caron Cake. Now I love them! All their cakes have nice textures and have beautiful colors. This yarn was also very smooth to work with; meaning, I didn’t have a problem with knots working from the middle of the skein. Using other kinds of Caron yarn in the past, I’ve had the issue of running into horrible knots as I work from the middle of the skein. While working with this yarn, I didn’t have that problem.

If you love yarn and this company, I highly recommend picking up a skein or two of Caron’s Anniversary Cakes; however, they are on the pricier side. At my local Michaels store, they were around $32 per skein. Though they’re on the expensive side, I found it to be worth it.

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