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Crochet Pattern Review: Mini Whale

The other day I came across this free pattern on Pinterest. I was looking for a cute and quick project to make for some craft fairs I would have been a part of last summer. These mini whales were perfect! I, unfortunately, do not know the creator of the pattern, but you can find it here:

I highly recommend this pattern for beginners because it is easy and would allow you to practice basic stitches and sewing techniques. Even though I recommend these mini whales for beginners, crocheters of any level will enjoy this pattern. Like I said before, they’re quick. I can make one in about fifteen minutes or less. Also, people love them. These mini whales are currently my top-selling item on Etsy. Everyone I’ve made them for loves them!

I make modifications to the whales that I sell based on this pattern because it seems like there are one-too-many rows on top of the head. Other than that, this is a great pattern. These mini whales would be great items to add to your craft fair lineup or anywhere you may sell your crochet. If you need a small quick gift for someone, they’re good for that too. I’ve also made myself a few to keep around my room.

If you’d like to purchase one of these cute mini whales from me, you can find them in my Etsy shop. Click the Etsy button below to check out my shop. Check out my other pattern reviews using the links below:

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