The Five Best Sites To Get Free and Paid Patterns

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Having a pattern is just as important to a crocheter as the yarn and hook. A crochet pattern gives us the instructions and a idea of what we’re making. Over the years, I have found websites that I return to time and time again when I’m looking for a specific pattern or any free pattern. In this post, I will be listing the top five sites that I trust and go to for finding my free and paid patterns as well as why I trust them, and why I prefer them.

  1. Pinterest

I have been using Pinterest for the longest time, and the only reason I have an account is because of my crochet. In my opinion, Pinterest is the best site for both free and paid crochet patterns I have also found that the site has the most variety when it comes to crochet. What I mean is that you could search anything with the word crochet after it and you’ll find something. It is also a great site for small crochet businesses to get themselves out there because you can link any site to the post you create including your website, your Etsy shop, your Ravelry page, anything! Whether you’re a beginner at crochet or not, I highly recommend checking out Pinterest if you haven’t already. If you’d like to check out my Pinterest page you can find it here:,

2. Ravelry

Ravelry is a site I found through a Pinterest post a few years ago. It’s a site that offers free and paid patterns, and it’s also a site you can easily post your patterns. I usually find patterns on Ravelry through Pinterest posts, but the few times I’ve looked at the site by itself, I’ve had luck with patterns I was looking for. About six months ago, I was looking for a Coraline doll pattern by a specific crochet artist, but I could only find it on Ravelry. Ravelry is a nice and cool site for looking for any crochet pattern. If you’d like to check out my Ravelry page you can find it here:

3. Etsy

Etsy is a site that only offers paid patterns because it is a site for people to sell their work. I like to visit Etsy when a crochet artist that I like posts a new pattern for sale, or I want something a little different than the other sites. I’ve also had customers refer me to patterns they want me to make off of Etsy because most people that don’t crochet go straight to Etsy for patterns. I’ve only ever had great experiences with Etsy and recommend everyone to check it out. If you’d like to check out my Etsy shop where I offer made-to-order items and paid patterns, you can find it here:

4. Yarnspirations

Yarnspirations is a little different than the other sites I’ve talked about. I believe Yarnspirations offers only free patterns, and it’s a site that also offers yarn kits. If you find a pattern you like, you can order all the yarn you need directly from the site. You can also include crochet hooks, stitch markers, darning (tapestry) needles, and pretty much anything you’ll need for the project. I have worked with a few yarn kits in the past and will make a post about how working with them was. Overall, I’ve had a great experience with them. If you’d like to check out this site here’s a link:

5. LoveCrafts

This is a site I just recently discovered, but I’ve been using it quite frequently lately. A majority of the patterns they offer are free, but they also offer paid patterns. This site is a little harder to post your patterns to because they make you go through an application process to get your patterns approved to be on the site. LoveCrafts is linked through Ravelry, so you can upload your patterns from Ravelry if you have an account to make it a little easier to add your patterns to the site. In my opinion, this site has some of the best free patterns online. I believe this site also provides certain yarn kits, but the difference between these yarn kits and Yarnspiration is that only some patterns have the kits depending on the pattern designer. If you’d like to check this site out here’s a link:

I hope you guys have found this helpful if you didn’t know where to go for your next project. I highly recommend checking out all of the sites I listed and maybe find some cool patterns to make.

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