Is Crocheting and Knitting Good For You?

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Is crocheting and knitting good for you? The answer is yes! Not a lot of people know that crocheting and knitting are actually really good for your mental and physical health. I myself had no idea until one night I decided to look it up and I was thoroughly surprised.

Since crocheting and knitting consist of repetitive movements, it can increase your serotonin levels. Serotonin is a chemical nerve cell that impacts your whole body. The release of serotonin can improve your mood and cause a sense of calmness which can help with anxiety and depression. For that reason, crocheting and knitting can be used as sort of a meditation and it can be very therapeutic. Crocheting and knitting can also reduce cortisol, which is the body’s main stress hormone. If you have high levels of cortisol, it can cause inflammation, high blood pressure, and affect your sleeping cycle.

Learning to crochet and knit creates new neurological pathways, which help with brain development and improving your thinking skills. Crocheting and knitting also improves pattern recognition and hand-eye coordination, helping with your fine motor skills and focus.

Is crocheting and knitting good for you? There are benefits to learning crocheting and knitting for your mental and physical well-being. By using repetitive motions, these hobbies help your body regulate certain hormones which helps your body function easier. They also help improve your hand-eye coordination, focus, thinking skills, and so much more. So next time you pick up your crochet hook or knitting needles, feel good about helping your body and brain as well as what you create.

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