Felicia the Fairy Doll Amigurumi Pattern Review

This fairy doll pattern is a paid pattern available here on Etsy. This pattern was designed by BunniesandYarn on Etsy. Go check out her page and give her some love because her work is amazing.

I had this crochet pattern given to me by my aunt because my cousin likes to perform in plays. A few years ago, she happened to land the role of Tinkerbell. The original pattern wasn’t meant to look like Tinkerbell but for the sake of the circumstance, I made my cousin one that looks like Tinkerbell (shown in the first and third pictures above). Later, I made another one look more like the pattern intended (shown in the second picture above). Before I get into the true pattern review, I want to say I think this is one of the best projects I’ve made to date. I loved working on this project and was very proud of the result. Now let’s move on to the pattern review!

When I received this pattern, I was excited to work on it; however, I was on kind of a time crunch. I got this project done in about 24 hours. Now, if not for the time crunch, I probably would have taken a few days to work on this, and I encourage you to take your time if you choose to make this pattern. I think there were many clever parts to this pattern that made it easy and fun to make. I particularly liked the way the designer did the hair. The hair is made in a wig style with the bun made separately and sewn on top late. This helps the finished product have a more clean look.

One of my favorite techniques to use when I crochet is to work in the back loops of a row or a few stitches in an amigurumi project to then use later on by working in the front loops. Using this technique was smart in this pattern because it allows you to make the dress in parts and then have a marked spot to sew it to. Doing the dress this way makes the dress look more even realistic and made it possible to shape the dress the way it is instead of working the skirt into the body of the doll.

I also really liked the shaping of the feet and body. You can tell while working on this pattern that a lot of thought, time, and effort was put into it. This doll is one of the more realistic ones I’ve made because of the detail in the body shape and hair design. The feet are worked to look like slippers and then as you work, you continue increasing the leg to shape the calves and thighs. You then connect the legs to start working on the body. I like and, actually prefer, this technique of attaching the legs to the body because it involves no sewing, and I don’t see it used very often. I highly recommend this pattern to anyone that’s interested. It’s a project that can be done quickly and it’s adorable!

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