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As a crocheter of six years, I have worked and experimented with many different types of yarn brands. I have had good and bad experiences with all kinds of different brands, but over the years, I have come to a conclusion on which yarn brand I like, trust, and go back to time and time again. Every crocheter has their preferred yarn brands and types, so today I will be explaining which brand of yarn is my favorite and why.

I have tried brands from Caron yarn to Lion Brand, however, I always tend to go back to Red Heart Super Saver. Red Heart was the first brand I was exposed to as a crocheter since my grandma, who taught me how to crochet, uses Red Heart. When I realized I wanted to learn to crochet, my mother took me to Michaels to get me a learn-how-to-crochet book and let me pick out a skein of yarn to practice with. I instantly gravitated over to the Red Heart brand due to it’s bright and beautiful colors. When I picked up a skein, I had to have it. Ever since then I usually try to find Red Heart Super Saver first for projects before looking at other brands on the shelf. Now, just because Red Heart is my favorite brand does not mean that I don’t love other brands too. I love Caron Cakes yarn and Bernat yarn is great too, but I’ve run into problems with these brands that don’t happen as often when I’m working with Red Heart.

The main problem I tend to run into is a lot is horrible knots, especially when I work from the middle of a skein. The Caron one pound yarn is especially guilty of this. I do not just mean normal knots that you can untangle and continue working, all brands have that, I mean knots where it’s more worth your time to just fasten off the project, cut the knot out, and rejoin the yarn to your work. Of course, Red Heart has the occasional knots like every brand, but I have yet to run into these project ending knots.

I like to work from the middle of skeins when I crochet because it’s easier, and you don’t have to worry about unraveling the yarn every few minutes when you work from the outside. I think Red Heart is the brand that is easiest to find the middle strand out of most other brands. Yes, sometimes I just can not find the middle strand even in Red Heart yarn. Although Red Heart does tell you what side the middle yarn strand is on on the paper wrapped around each skein.

Red Heart Super Saver is not the softest yarn, but it’s still nice to work with; and in my opinion, Red Heart is cheaper than most brands of yarn. You can get a skein of Red Heart Super Saver at Michaels for about four dollars, but some other brands, like Lion Brand, tend to be sold for five or even six dollars a skein. There are also techniques and methods you can use to make certain yarns softer.

Everyone that crochets has their preferred yarn brands and opinions on the different brands. Yarn is an essential part of crocheting, and it’s important to experience with all kinds and figure out which brands you prefer. Ever since I started crocheting six years ago, I always go back to Red Heart Super Saver time and time again. It’s quality yarn for a good price and I’ve never had a problem with too many knots. I also love the large variety of colors and types of yarn they offer. If you have never tried or used Red Heart Super Saver, I recommend giving it a shot. If you have tried it and do not like it, comment and let me know why.

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