Hambearger Amigurumi Pattern Review

Hi, I’m Mr. Hambearger!

You can find this pattern here on Etsy. The pattern credit goes to Krawka, check out her work because it’s amazing. I do not know if this pattern is currently available because the last time I checked her shop, it was temporarily closed. However, I still wanted to talk about this cute pattern.

I bought this Hambearger pattern a few months ago in December to make for my mom as a Christmas gift. Long story short, my mom is terrified of bears. So I thought this cute little guy would help her get through her fear of them. I had seen this pattern before on Pinterest and Etsy but didn’t decide to purchase it until right before Christmas. I finished this project in two days. I decided to do the three buns on the first day and the burger patties, cheese, lettuce, and tomato on the second day. I also did all of the stuffing and assembly on the second day as well.

I instantly gravitated toward this pattern because I love crocheted bears, and I love when food and crochet mix, so this pattern was perfect. This pattern is very beginner friendly and was actually really fun to make and then assemble. As I was making the pattern, I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out since I used worsted weight yarn instead of sport, and I used a slightly bigger crochet hook. Despite the different yarn weight and hook size, it still turned out great! The only real problem I ran into was that the cheese piece was too big and stuck out much more than the original pattern but the piece was still useable, so it wasn’t a big deal.

This pattern included very detailed pictures which is always helpful. My only issue was that even though the photos were very detailed, the description of each photo wasn’t, which made a few steps more challenging to understand. The hardest part of this pattern for me was the assembly and sewing of all of the inside pieces. Like I said, she included pictures of how to sew the pieces together but didn’t explain the steps very well, so I had to improvise that step. Other than that, the rest of the pattern and instructions were rather clear and easy to understand.

I highly recommend checking out this pattern when it’s available again because it’s cute, interesting, and really fun to make. Even though this pattern is not currently available, to my knowledge, I still wanted to talk about it because it’s one of my favorites to date! If you enjoyed this post, check out the link below for similar content.

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