Bunny Cupcake Amigurumi Pattern Review

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A long time ago, I signed up for email updates from a site called Amigurumi Today. If you are unaware of Amigurumi Today, it is a site dedicated to mostly free amigurumi patterns. They also have a phone app which is how I discovered them years ago. I decided to go through my emails the other day and saw this bunny cupcake pattern. I clicked through to the site and fell in love with it. As some of you probably know, I love when food and crochet mix together because I think the outcome is adorable. So, when I saw a bunny cupcake pattern right before Easter, I had to make it. If you’d like to make this pattern yourself, you can find it here.

This pattern took me about two hours to complete from start to finish. This is definitely a pattern you can sit down and do in an afternoon if you have some free time. I believe this pattern is very beginner-friendly, but the site does say it is an intermediate pattern. I think the only reason they consider this an intermediate pattern is due to the front- and back-post, double-crochet stitches used to make the bottom of the cupcake. These may be more advanced crochet stitches, but I think this pattern is a good opportunity for beginners to practice these stitches. Another reason for the intermediate label on this pattern may have to do with sewing the icing to the top. It is a little tedious to do this part of the pattern, but as I said before, this is a good pattern for beginners to practice some new techniques.

My project did end up coming out slightly bigger than the pattern pictures show. The reason for this difference is that I used a thicker yarn and a bigger-sized hook than what the pattern called for. The pattern suggests a fine semi-cotton yarn with a 2.2mm hook. I chose to use worsted-weight acrylic yarn with a 3.2mm hook. You can use any type of yarn you have lying around the house with your choice of crochet hook, and it would come out looking similar to the original pattern. The reason I used worsted-weight yarn is that it’s what I had around the house, but you can definitely go to any local craft store and pick up the exact materials the pattern calls for.

I highly recommend this pattern for crocheters of any level. I believe that any level of crocheter can do any pattern. A beginner may have some issues with learning the new stitches and sewing. However, doing things out of your comfort zone is how you learn to do them. I understand that people label patterns based on their difficulty; but if you are a beginner, don’t let an intermediate label on a pattern scare you off, challenge yourself. It may not come out perfect but at least you tried. The more you work on it, the better you’ll get!

This is a cute pattern for the spring and summer seasons, especially when Easter rolls around. It can also be a good project if you have some scrap yarn lying around. This pattern is a pretty quick project to finish and could be good for craft fairs when they start to open up again. I recommend you check out this pattern and the Amigurumi Today website. They have cute and unique patterns for everyone to enjoy, and I’ve been going back to their site time and time again for years.

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