10 Free Quick & Easy Amigurumi Patterns

Sometimes when I look for a new pattern, I want one that is quick and easy to do in an afternoon. Over the years I have found quick patterns that I easily finish in a few hours, and I find myself going back to them time and time again. So, I have compiled a list of my favorites for you. Hopefully you will love them as much as I do. Let’s get started!

  1. Mini Whales
Photo Credit: Critter Crochet

I came across this mini whale pattern a few years ago, and I still make them on a regular basis. This pattern is perfect for making a bunch of whales quickly. I have these whales as made-to-order items in my Etsy shop, and they are popular. If you are participating in craft fairs or have an online craft store, I would recommend this pattern. You can check out the pattern review I did on these adorable mini whales here.

This free pattern is by ea1701.

2. Beautiful Butterflies

Photo Credit: Crochet365KnitToo

I found this pattern looking for a quick spring pattern for an upcoming craft fair I was going to do before Covid hit. Though I didn’t get to do the craft fair because of obvious complications, I still really enjoyed this pattern. I’ve toyed with adding it to my Etsy shop because it is a quick, easy, and unique pattern.

This free pattern is by Crochet365KnitToo.

3. Pumpkins

Photo Credit: StringyDingDing

Though there are many amigurumi pumpkin patterns out there, I have found this one to be the quickest and easiest. They are perfect decorations for the fall months, and people love them (especially when you add cute facial features).

This free pattern is by StringyDingDing.

4. Ice Cream Monster Yeti

Photo Credit: Anita Suria

I recently finished this project and already have plans to make more! This pattern took me about 3 hours. I love how creative you can get with the size and color of your monster. I recommend this pattern for the summer months, but you can make him whenever you like. The pattern itself was easy to follow, and I will post a pattern review in one of my upcoming blog posts.

This free pattern is by Anita Suria.

5. Bumble Bee

Photo Credit: Hooked By Robin

You may recognize this cute bee pattern from the giant crochet bee trend that went around a few months ago. The original pattern makes for a quick and just as adorable smaller bee. This is another great pattern for summer, or if you personally know a bee lover.

This free pattern is by Hooked By Robin.

6. Baby Chicks

Photo Credit: Amiamour

These cute little guys are perfect for the spring months, especially Easter time. They are super quick and easy to make for your Etsy shop or craft booth. I recommend trying different ways to customize this little guy with different colors and hook sizes.

This free pattern is by Amiamour.

7. Cube Kitty

Photo Credit: CraftyBunnyBun

I made one of these kittens for my sister for Christmas a few years ago and she loved it! They can be any size depending on which type of yarn and hook size you use. There is also a whole bunch of these cube animals, the kitty is my favorite. They only take a few hours, and I love how unique they are.

This free pattern is by CraftyBunnyBun.

8. Obnoxious Octopus

Photo Credit: CholyKnight

If you don’t have time to make those bigger octopuses, look no further. These little guys are quick, and you can customize the faces to be however you like. I love how quirky these critters are.

This free pattern is by CholyKnight.

9. Fabulous Frog

Photo Credit: paintitcolorful

These guys will steal the hearts of anyone you show them to! They would be perfect additions to any made-to-order item for your Etsy shop or craft booth. You can customize them with different colors and make them different sizes to really make them stand out.

This free pattern is by paintitcolorful.

10. Rag Doll Bears

Photo Credit: SheMakesCrochet

These rag doll bears have become one of my favorite patterns. They are so cute and perfect for children of all ages. These are not the quickest pattern on this list, but you can easily finish one in an afternoon, and it would be worth the time and effort. I love how rustic and timeless these bears look and your family, friends, and clients will agree.

This free pattern is by SheMakesCrochet.

I hope you like this list that I compiled for quick and easy patterns. It’s nice to work on a pattern that you can easily get done in a single afternoon, especially the small and cute ones. If you like this kind of content, leave a comment and a like to let me know! Feel free to check out my free patterns here. I have plenty of free quick and easy patterns. Check out the links below for more content from me right here on my site.

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