Pumpkin Girl Amigurumi Pattern Review

Hello and welcome to October! Today I have a pattern review for this adorable pumpkin girl amigurumi doll. I will be discussing what I liked about the pattern and my struggles with it. If this is a pattern you are interested in, then stick around for this review. The pattern and the designer will be linked below at the end of the post.

To get started, I want to mention that this is a paid pattern. My boyfriend bought me this pattern about a year ago on Etsy for $6.25. As you can see, I am just getting around to it, but I believe it’s better late than never. Pumpkins are my absolute favorite part of the fall season and Halloween, so I naturally gravitated towards this beautiful doll. I love how detailed she looks with the cute little bat purse. Also, her head is a pumpkin! Ok, now let’s get with this pattern.

The pattern designer labeled this pattern intermediate, and I agree. I am always one to advocate for crocheters of any level to try any pattern they want, despite the labeling the designers assign it. After going through the pattern and making it, I do agree with the intermediate label. This pattern does involve working with a lot of slip stitches and tight stitches. The designer used fine/sport weight yarn with a 1.6 mm hook, which some beginners might find difficult. I will get more into the materials that I used in the next paragraph. If you struggle with tight stitches and you still want to try this pattern, I’d recommend using a bigger hook or different weight yarn than the pattern recommends.

Like I previously mentioned, the designer used fine/sport weight yarn with a 1.6 mm hook for most of the pattern. She did use a 2.5 mm hook for the head. I decided to use some yarn that I had lying around because this pattern uses a lot of different yarn. The yarn I used for the head, dress, arms, and hat were all labeled as worsted weight but they are a lighter worsted weight, in my opinion. So they worked rather well for this pattern. The yarn that I used for the legs and the bat purse was a normal worsted weight but didn’t necessarily affect the overall look of the project. For most of the pattern, I used a 3.25 mm hook, and I used a 3.50 mm hook for the head. From my experience using worsted weight yarn to make this project, this pattern is pretty adaptable to using different sized hooks and yarn than the designer intended. The other materials needed are pretty basic such as stuffing, safety eyes, scissors, tapestry needle (yarn needle), stitch marker, pins, etc. As I mentioned, this is a pattern I made from the materials I already had so it’s a great stash buster project.

The pattern started with making the legs and arms. The boots are worked into the legs and then a little colorwork is involved to make the stockings. After you make the arms you start working on the body. The arms are eventually worked into the body as you go which is a technique I always like to do. After you finish the body you use back loops from the body to make the skirt of the dress. This is a common way to do doll dresses but I liked the design of this patterns skirt. Next, you work on the head. The head was the hardest part of this pattern for me and this is because it’s made entirely out of slip stitches. I’m not going to lie, slip stitches are stitches I struggle with and hate to work with but I understand why the designer made the head this way. The only thing I can recommend for this part of the pattern is, use a bigger hook and pay attention to your working tension. If I can make it through this section of the pattern, then so can you. After making the head, you make the pumpkin stem, the bat bag, and the witch hat.

The assembly of this doll was pretty straightforward. You start with embroidering the face and then sew everything together. I did want to mention that this pattern used a button joints technique to join the legs. This is a technique I’d never used before but I think it’s my new favorite. It allows the legs to move naturally back and forth so the doll can sit or stand which I love.

The legs of the doll.
How the button joint looks.

To finish this review I want to give you guys my honest thoughts. I love this pattern. I can tell a lot of time, thought, and passion went into creating this pattern. I think it is well worth the money and I’d have no problem paying for it time and time again. I loved that this was a pattern that I could make with the materials I had at home and even though I used worsted weight yarn it didn’t hurt the finished look in my opinion. Though I struggled with some parts of this pattern it wasn’t anything that made me put it down and not come back to it. There are photos included which is always a great bonus, my only thing is that I wish the photos that lined up with specific steps were closer together but the designer did mention reading over the whole pattern before starting. Again, I love this pattern and recommend you try it out to start off your spooky season right.

I hope you guys liked this post and found it helpful. Hopefully, it’s an inspiration for your next project. If you like my pattern reviews, I have plenty more here on my blog for you to check out. You can also subscribe to my blog for email updates every time I post new content. This Pumpkin Doll pattern is linked below. Go check it out! Happy Crafting and take care.

You can find the pumpkin doll here. Credit to the designer samiSnosamiPDF.

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