Shark Slippers Crochet Pattern Review

A top and bottom view of the shark slippers.

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog! Today I’ll be doing a pattern review of these adorable shark slippers I made for my boyfriend for Christmas. I have made slippers before and hope to make more pattern reviews about them in the future but, these were so cute and fun to make I just had to do a post about them. If you are interested in this pattern, continue reading. I will go in-depth about these shark slippers and talk about what I liked and what I didn’t.

A few months before Christmas, my boyfriend mentioned he wanted shark slippers that look like they are eating his feet. As soon as he said this I had this pattern in mind. I came across this pattern on Etsy a few months before and wanted to make them but didn’t necessarily have a reason to. So as a Christmas gift, I purchased this pattern for five dollars and got to work. I want to mention that the downloads for this pattern include infant, child, and adult sizes. I have only made the adult size so far.

This pattern is designed by Stacie L. Ratcliff. I will have the link to this pattern and her Etsy shop at the end of this post.

Me modeling these slippers.

The pattern calls for Red Heart Super Saver Yarn in a medium (worsted) weight. Since ninety percent of my yarn stash is Red Heart Super Saver, I decided to use it and chose white with dark grey for my slippers. You will also need a 4mm crochet hook (or the hook size needed to obtain the proper gauge), black buttons for the eyes, and a yarn needle. Since you will be making slippers, I highly recommend you check the gauge for this project. A lot of people overlook the gauge but it is important, especially for apparel items like this.

One thing I do like about this pattern is that it does include gauge, pattern notes, and identifies the special stitch used before you even start working on the slippers. This is important information all patterns should contain and information everyone should read before continuing onto the pattern itself. One thing I wish this pattern contained more of is photos. I believe photos are an important part of a pattern because a lot of crafters need that extra help, especially in this instructional format. I know that came across moments in this project I wish I had more photo references for.

Now, let’s get into making the slippers themselves. The body of the shark slippers are worked in one piece and then you make the fins separately. The text of the pattern was pretty straight forward and easy to follow. You decide which shoe size you want to make and follow the instructions for that size. When it comes to the assembly, I wish the designer had included a note saying that there are two methods of completing this project. I ended up sewing everything together just to scroll down and realize that I could have crocheted everything together, a method that had a nicer finished look. It could be my fault that I didn’t scroll through the whole pattern first. Although, I’m sure a lot of people made the same mistake I did.

I will say that I loved the creativity of this pattern and how quick it was to make. I have been told that I’m fast at crocheting (so keep that in mind) and finished one slipper in an afternoon. This pattern did not include a difficulty level. I would personally say that a crocheter of any level could complete this project. This would be a great project for a beginner wanting to do a slightly more advanced pattern. Do I think this pattern is worth the money? Yes. It was fun to make and you can’t help but love the imagery of these slippers eating yours or a loved ones feet. I will have the link to this pattern below along with the link to the designers Etsy shop.

Have fun, stay creative, and happy crafting.

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