Spider Web Crop Top Pattern Review

Me rocking my new crop top

Hello guys, and happy early Halloween! It’s been a while since I posted here but this project was so fun that it inspired me to be creative again and want to write a pattern review. I also made it just in time for Halloween. Don’t worry though, this is a project you can have done in an afternoon so that you have one for Halloween too! Without further ado let’s talk about this pattern in more depth.

I found this pattern while scrolling on Pinterest one night and I thought it would be fun and get me in the holiday spirit. It did! So I clicked through the post and it brought me to a YouTube video by PassioKnit Kelsie. I’m not usually a fan of following pattern videos since I tend to prefer written patterns but I decided to give this one a shot. She does offer a paid written pattern on her Etsy page for $8.75 which you can find here. For the sake of this pattern review, I’ll be referring to the Youtube tutorial, not the written pattern.

The yarn I used

This pattern calls for Lily’s sugar and cream cotton yarn with a 4mm crochet hook. I had some of this yarn lying around in white, orange, and black. It was perfect. I couldn’t find my 4mm crochet hook, so I used a 4.25mm hook. The only other materials you’ll need are a yarn needle and scissors. So, this pattern is pretty straightforward in the materials department.

What I like about this crop top is how easy it is to customize the size. In the video, the designer makes a small, but it’s easy to figure out how to increase the size. I’m an XL-XXL, depending on what type of material I’m using or wearing. With this pattern, all you have to do is increase some of the rows you do. She did seven rows coming off the web when I ended up doing 11 rows. You will automatically have to do extra rows on the sides, which increases the length and width of the project. She does explain the sizing a little bit in the video, but I also found the comments very helpful.

I totally recommend this pattern to anyone and everyone. It’s quick and easy and I had a lot of fun making this project. This pattern was also the first real article of clothing I crocheted and I learned a lot. PassioKnit Kelsie’s YouTube video was very clear and easy to follow and from what I can tell on her Etsy page, her written patterns are too. I will definitely be making more of her crop top patterns in the future so you will probably hear her name plenty more times on other posts in the future. Please go send this designer some love, from what I’ve seen on her YouTube channel and socials, she’s very talented. Speaking of, her YouTube channel has a lot of free crochet tutorials for you to dig your claws into. I hope you guys liked this post and I’ll see you guys in the next one, Bye!

Happy Crafting and Happy Halloween!

Spider Wed Crop Top YouTube Tutorial

PassioKnit Kelsie’s YouTube Channel

Spider Web Crop Top Written Pattern

PassioKnit Kelsie’s Etsy Page

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