Double Crochet

The double crochet is a basic crochet stitch and very common in crochet patterns. To help you learn this stitch I’ve included step-by-step instructions and an instructional video below!


Double Crochet – dc

How To Do A Double Crochet:

Step 1: Yarn over and insert your hook into the stitch you’ll be working in.

Step 2: Yarn over and pull through, you should have three loops on your hook.

Step 3: Yarn over and pull through two loops, you should have two loops remaining on your hook.

Step 4: Yarn over and pull through the two remaining loops on your hook.

Double Crochet Instructional Video:

There you have it! I hope this helped and if you need help with more stitches I will continuously be updating the stitch dictionary on my website so stop by. If you have any questions comments or concerns, you can email me at and if you’d like to support me and my blog you can follow me on the following social media platforms:

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