Magic Circle (Ring)

The magic circle is a technique most commonly used in amigurumi (doll and stuffed animals). This technique is also sometimes referred to as a magic ring. Below you’ll find step-by-step instructions and an instructional video on how to complete this technique!


Magic Circle – mc

Magic Ring – mr

How To Make A Magic Circle/Ring:

Step 1: Hold the tail end of the yarn between your thumb, pointer, and middle finger.

Step 2: Take the yarn connected to the ball of yarn and wrap it around the front of your pointer and middle fingers to create an “x” shape and back over to the back of your fingers. It should look like you have two loops wrapped around your fingers.

Step 3: Take your hook and place it under the first loop and hook it over the second. Then, using your hook, pull the second loop of yarn under (through) the first.

Step 4: Chain one to secure the magic circle in place.

Magic Circle/Ring Instructional Video:

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