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Pattern Review: Felicia the Fairy Doll

This fairy doll pattern is a paid pattern available here on Etsy. This pattern was designed by BunniesandYarn on Etsy. Go check out her page and give her some love because her work is amazing. I had this crochet pattern given to me by my aunt because my cousin likes to perform in plays. A… Continue reading Pattern Review: Felicia the Fairy Doll

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How To Crochet A Traditional Granny Square

Granny Squares are usually colorfully crocheted squares that are typically sewn together to create blankets, sweaters, and much more. There are so many different types and versions of granny squares, so I consider them to be their own category of crocheting. Though there are all types of granny squares now, it's always nice to go… Continue reading How To Crochet A Traditional Granny Square


Reading Abbreviated Crochet Terms

Learning to read a crochet pattern is like learning to read a new language. It takes time to learn the meaning of each term and each abbreviation, but with practice and familiarity, you'll learn to understand it eventually. Crochet patterns consist mostly of crochet terms (e.g., various stitches) being abbreviated. For example, a basic stitch… Continue reading Reading Abbreviated Crochet Terms